About me

I serve as a research assistant in the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Taiwan University and hold a role as a senior machine learning engineer at aetherAI. I earned my M.S. degree in Bioinformatics from National Taiwan University, where I was advised by Prof. Yufeng Jane Tseng in the CMDM Lab within the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering. Prior to that, I obtained my Pharm.D. degree in Pharmacy from National Cheng Kung University in 2019.

My research interests focus on 2D/3D computer vision and its application in healthcare. I aim to enhance the scalability of conventional computer vision algorithms and explore multimodal and semi-supervised learning approaches in the digital health domain.

Curriculum vitae.


FastEval Parkinsonism: An instant deep learning–assisted video-based online system to automatically evaluate parkinsonian motor symptom using finger tapping.
Yu-Yuan Yang, Ming-Yang Ho, Chung-Hwei Tai, Ruey-Meei Wu, Ming-Che Kuo, and Yufeng Jane Tseng. npj Digital Medicine, 2024, 7(1), 1-13.
Paper, Code, Deployment
Pathological Gait Analysis with an Open-Source Cloud-Enabled Platform Empowered by Semi-Supervised Learning - PathoOpenGait.
Ming-Yang Ho, Ming-Che Kuo, Ciao-Sin Chen, Ruey-Meei Wu, Ching-Chi Chuang, Chi-Sheng Shih, and Yufeng Jane Tseng. IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics, 2024, 28(2), 1066–1077.
Paper, Code (model), Code (system), Deployment
Ultra-high-resolution unpaired stain transformation via Kernelized Instance Normalization.
Ming-Yang Ho*, Min-Sheng Wu, and Che-Ming Wu. ECCV, 2022, 490-505. (* corresponding author)
Paper, Project page, Code
Taiwan Controlled Substances Database.
Yung-Wen Huang, Olivia A. Lin, Bo-Han Su, Ping-Han Hsieh, Ming-Yang Ho, Tien-Chueh Kuo, Yufeng Jane Tseng. Journal of the Formosan Medical Association, 2022, 121.12: 2649-2652.
PanGPCR: predictions for multiple targets, repurposing and side effects.
Lu-Chi Liu*, Ming-Yang Ho*, Bo-Han Su, San-Yuan Wang, Ming-Tsung Hsu, Yufeng Jane Tseng. Bioinformatics, 2021, 37.8: 1184-1186. (* equal contribution)
Paper, Deployment
Potential Security and Privacy Issues in Novel Taiwanese National Electronic Identification system.
Ming-Yang Ho*, Jing-Jie Wang, You-Shin Tsai, Tang-Wei Wang. TANET, 2020, 1264-1269. (* corresponding author)

Professional service

  • Conference Reviewer
    • CVPR: 2023, 2024
  • Journal Reviewer
    • IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging (impact factor: 10.6)